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5 Greatest Christmas Gifts for a Guitar Player Near You

Wondering what to get the guitarist in your family/friend group for Christmas? At Rock University, we've got you covered. Here are our 5 best Christmas gift recommendations for guitar players.

1. A Pick Punch

For some reason it seems as though every guitar player's home has a black hole that constantly swallows picks. No matter how many picks you have, they seem to slowly disappear without a trace. With a Pick Punch you can make your own picks out of all those used up Christmas gift cards, and even an old credit card, or student ID. Keep your pick stash booming with a Pick Punch from amazon. Get one HERE!

2. Dunlop Picks

As I mentioned before, at some point the reserve of picks will inevitably end up in short supply. We recommend having a backup stash of some of our favorite Dunlop Tortex Picks. If your guessing on what thickness to get, we always say the safest bet for any guitarist are the widely popular yellow .73mm picks. Buy them HERE!

3. A Capo

A backup capo, or a first capo if they don't already own one, can be a life saver for any guitarist. Also, for guitarists who regularly practice with more than one guitar, an extra capo is a must. Additionally, all capo's will eventually need to be replaced as the spring wears out, so you might as well have a spare ready. At Rock U, our go-to recommendation for capos is the Kyser KG6B (see below). Get one HERE!

However, if you prefer something a little more creative, you could always get a capo that looks like a shark... Get it HERE!

4. A Snark Tuner

These tuners are a big-time favorite over here at Rock U, and they would make a great gift for any guitar player. The greatest thing about these tuners is that they run off of your instrument's string vibrations, and as a result, allow you tune even if you're in a noisy room. You definitely can't go wrong with a Snark Tuner. Get one HERE!

5. A Music Stand

Having a music stand is something that is often overlooked, but can make a huge difference in the at-home practice experience. Music stands allows the player to practice and view their material while sitting up, instead of hunching over to see their papers on the floor our couch next to them. Overall, when it comes to comfort and convenience when practicing, music stands are game changers. Get one HERE!

Well, that's it. Now you know what Christmas gifts to get the guitar player closest to you. Leave any questions or inquiries in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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