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When preparing to learn a new instrument, finding the right music studio and music instructor

is crucial to your instrument-learning success. We take pride in all that we do at Rock University

and want you to have the opportunity to experience all that we have to offer.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Rock University is the Right Music Studio for You:

#1 Lessons Are Personalized for YOU

WE TEACH STUDENTS OF ALL AGES and starting from day one, each lesson at our renowned Draper studio is specifically tailored to meet your passions, interests, and experience level. Have a goal to learn every Ed Sheeran or LANY song? No problem, we’ll get you there! Are you more of a rocker? We can teach you your favorite songs by AC/DC, Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica and more! Is country music more your cup of (sweet) tea? You will get to learn all of your favorite songs and the techniques you must know to play them proficiently!

#2 FUN, COOL, and ENERGETIC Atmosphere!

Learning music isn’t just about scales and key signatures. It’s about letting that inner rock star

shine through! We encourage all to be themselves in our music studio. Taking music lessons

should be cool and exciting!

#3 Talented and Experienced Instructors

At Rock University we have guitar instructors, drum instructors, piano instructors, voice

instructors, bass guitar instructors, and even ukulele instructors. Most of our music teachers

came up through Rock University, and those who didn’t bring TONS of music-teaching

experience from all over Utah.

#4 Opportunities to Perform

Letting your inner rock star shine through doesn’t just happen in the music studio. Being a rock

star includes PERFORMING like a rock star! We hold many events throughout the year including

Rock U Live, charity performances, open mic nights and more! No matter the instrument you choose to learn, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to perform in front of a live audience.

#5 Learn Songs You’re Actually Passionate About

It’s impossible to put everyone in a box and have them learn the same songs. We all like

different stuff! Whether it’s your favorite song off Spotify or a song you found on YouTube, our

instructors will help you learn it as lessons progress. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as

jammin’ out to your favorite track.

#6 Instructors Who Care

At our music studio in Draper, everyone is of equal importance. Whether you’re 4 years old or

400, our music instructors will meet you where you are. Come as you are, no matter your

experience level, and we’ll pair you with one of our amazing music instructors.

For over 13 years, we have focused on our core belief: that it’s not just about learning an

instrument. It’s about finding a passion, building self-confidence, expanding on your talents,

discovering success, and experiencing accomplishment, all in an incredible and inspiring


Come visit us for a free tour or give us a call to get started!

Rock University Guitar Studio

949 E Pioneer Rd

Draper, UT 84020



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