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Policies and FAQ


Our lessons are 30-minute private lessons. Lessons are the same day and same time each week. If you would like additional lesson time weekly or lessons in more than one instrument/offering, you can sign up for multiple lessons each week. Multiple lessons can be scheduled on different days or back to back giving students an hour or hour and a half lesson. Back to back lessons are subject to availability.


Terms are how we structure our lessons. Each Term consists of 4 lessons, or 4 weeks. There are 12 Terms in each year. Terms are quite similar to months, sharing the commonality that their are 12 months, as well as 12 Terms, each Calendar year. We do not coordinate our lessons with the months of the year, as many months have extra days or weeks in them. Every 4 weeks is a new Term. Lessons are on going Term after Term, no matter how many weeks fall in the month. 

At Rock University our clients pay to own their weekly 30 minute time slot. Because clients are paying to own the time slot, no make up lessons can be given for a missed class. Rock U is able to keep amazing instructors on our staff because our teachers can count on getting paid for the time they are scheduled to work. Clients do have many options in the event the main student can't attend the lesson. Because you own your time, you can utilize it any way you like. Many of our clients will send other children to try a lesson. We have had parents come in for lessons and some families will even gift the lesson to a friend or neighbor. Tuition is divided into 12 "Terms" per year (a term is equal to 4 lessons). Please call our office administrator Staci to get more information about how our "Term" system for billing works. If you desire more time within the term, we can most likely accommodate your request. The price will increase accordingly.


At Rock University we offer professional level music instruction for Guitar, Piano, Drums, Voice, Bass, Ukulele and Rock Band Classes. We also offer artist development, songwriting, performance coaching, production education and advanced music theory.

Rock University is equipped to offer professional recordings at our ROCK U RECORDS recording studio for students and outside artists that want to record their original music and get their music on world wide streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and others.


Tuition pricing is dependent on instrument and instructor. Pricing is per Term. Tuition is done as an ACH payment, automatically processed directly through a checking account, on the 5th of each month. We do not accept credit/debit cards, cash or mobile payment services. (Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, etc.) A $25 fee will be charged for all returned/insufficient payments. If your account fall more than 30 days past due




# 801-419-8465



Rock University takes 4 weeks of breaks each year. Each Term consists of 4 lessons, or 4 weeks. There are 12 Terms in each year. This gives students 48 lessons, or 48 weeks, paid for each year. With the year having 52 weeks, this leaves 4 weeks unpaid each year. These 4 weeks are taken as breaks.  Rock University is CLOSED for 1 week for Spring Break; this is the week that coordinates with the Canyons School District, as this is the school district we are in. We are CLOSED 2 weeks for Winter Break; these are the 2 weeks that fall over Christmas and New Years, the exact dates vary each year depending on when these Holidays fall. These 3 week are the same for all instructors, as Rock U is closed during these 3 weeks. Additionally each instructor is given a 1 week break each year, this week will vary by instructor. Students will be informed of the date of their individual instructor's  1 week break. There will be no credits nor makeup lessons for these 4 weeks, as they are NOT PAID FOR in your Tuition payments. 


Rock University is Closed on the following Holidays. A lesson credit will be given for these missed lessons. Rock U is OPEN for ALL other Holidays and will hold regular scheduled lessons, no credits will be given for Holidays not listed.

  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)*                         

  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)                 

  • Independence Day (the 4th of July)                  

  • Pioneer Day (the 24th of July)                          

  • Labor Day (1st Monday in September)            

  • Halloween: Close at 5pm! (October 31st)

  • Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November)

  • Christmas Eve (December 24th)*

  • Christmas Day (December 25th)*

  • New Year’s Eve (December 31st)*

*Holidays with asterisks fall during our 2 week Winter Break. Credits will not be given for these Holidays. See "Breaks" for details on our yearly breaks.


Rock University does not offer make-up lessons nor credits for missed lessons. Students pay to own their lesson timeslot. How they choose to use that owned lesson time is up to them. Students pay full Tuition every Term no matter how many lessons they attend. We do not offer credits nor makeup lessons for missed lessons. Our instructors are paid for the booked timeslots on their teaching schedule. This allows us to keep amazing, talented and professional instructors employed long-term, by providing them a consistent and dependable pay structure. 


We do offer flexibility in how you use your lesson time. Because you own your time slot, you can use that time any way you choose. Since we do not offer make-up lessons, many families use the time in other ways. If the scheduled student is unable to attend the lesson, it may be used by someone else. You may send a family member, friend, neighbor, etc. to the lesson. We will often have families who gift their lesson to others who may be interested in music lessons. Often times we will even have a parent who attends a lesson in place of their child; they can use the lesson time for themselves to learn or to meet with the instructor to discuss lesson progress, goals, questions, etc. 

Students are also welcome to trade lesson times with other Rock U Student. (Note: Rock University does not facilitate these trades. Students must make trades among themselves.)



How you choose to use the time is entirely up to you, our instructors will be here ready to teach. 



Lessons are ongoing, they reoccur consecutively Term after Term. We are structured to be a long-term Music Program. The majority if our students stay in our program a long time, giving us the opportunity to develop amazing relationships with them and their families, watching and supporting them develop into talented musicians. We do not currently require a students to commit to a long-term contract. What we do require is a FULL TERM NOTICE to vacate the lesson schedule. Once official notice is given to Rock University, you will remain on the lesson schedule for the remainder of the current Term and one additional full Term. (This means you could have anywhere form 4 to 8 more lessons after giving notice, as you complete the current Term and have one additional full Term. Each Term consists of 4 lessons) Therefore, first and final Term's tuition is paid upon enrollment. You must give your notice directly to the Rock U office. Notice can NOT be given to your Instructors. Official notice must be given to the Rock U office in person or in writing to


At Rock U we are committed to providing the best learning experience and atmosphere possible! As teachers we hope to inspire our students to love music the way we do by playing, singing, writing originals, recording and performing. We invite you to read our google reviews to see what our clients have to say about our program. Please also check out our social media, as this is a great inside look to see what Rock U is all about! We hope to work with you or your children soon and welcome you into our #RockUFamily!







Q. Do I need my own instrument to take lessons?  

A. Absolutely! Your progress depends on your practice! Your skill as a musician comes from the time you practice between lessons and to practice you need your OWN instrument. Daily practice at home between lessons is crucial and critical to progress! Consistency is the key to success!



Q. What if I don't want to buy an instrument until I know my child or myself (depending on who lessons are for) is going to enjoy and stick with it?

A. If this is the case, then renting or borrowing an instrument from a friend might be a good temporary and short-term option. With the knowledge that the student will need their own instrument to progress. It is not possible to improve and progress unless you are practicing regularly! Again, consistency is key!


Q. What kind of guitar/instrument should I buy, and where should I buy it?


A. There are many reputable guitar dealers in town. Call us and we will direct you to them.  However, they do NOT include: Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, etc. The guitars you see at these outlets are basically toys. They are cheaply made, hard to play and sound bad! The equipment you learn on will have a direct impact on how much you enjoy your experience. 

Q. What is a good age for my child to start taking lessons?

A. We have taught many children over the years as young as 4 (smaller guitars are available to suit younger children). At this age you have to be very patient and very passionate! Every child is different, and we have had much success teaching young children. However, if we had to pick an ideal age, it would be around 8 years old. Parent involvement with young students is extremely beneficial. Parents are always welcome in lessons. Parents of young students are encouraged to attend lessons and be directly involved with their learning and practice.

Q. Do you offer group lessons?

A. Yes!  Group lessons can work well if family members or friends want to take together. However, it can also be a double edged sword, because if one student is practicing regularly and one is not taking it as serious, the teacher can only move as fast as the less committed student is learning. This will prohibit how fast the dedicated student can progress. On the other hand, sometimes friends and family push each other and motivate each other to practice and get better. Group lessons can work well if all parties are taking it seriously and practicing! Group lessons are a great way to get started as beginners. Students can then separate into individual private lessons to further their progress and cater the lessons to their specific abilities, progress, musical interests and goals.


Q. How often do I come to lessons?

A. Lessons are 30 minute private lessons once a week. Same day and same time each week. Many students want additional lesson time each week or want to take lessons in multiple instruments/offerings at the same time. These students sign up for multiple lessons. Some students take multiple lessons, with lessons on different days, while other students take multiple lessons on the same day back to back. If you want more time each week, we are happy to accommodate! The price will increase accordingly.

Q. How much are lessons?

A. Tuition is dependent on instrument and instructor. Tuition is per Term. Please call Rock University for information on current tuition pricing and lesson availability. #801-419-8465

Q. When do I pay for my lessons?

A. Tuition payments are processed on the 5th of each month, automatically processed as an ACH payment directly through a checking account. A $25 fee will be charged for all returned/insufficient payments. Accounts 30 days past due will be charged an additional $50 late fee. In the event an account becomes beyond 30 days past due, the lessons will be cancelled. The student will still be responsible for all payments owed and fines accrued.

Q. Why do you call a month a Term?

A. We do not follow an exact calendar month. Rock U structures our lessons into lesson Terms. Each Term consists of 4 lessons, or 4 weeks. Lessons are ongoing, reoccurring consecutively Term after Term. Every 4 weeks is a new Term. For example; if your lesson falls on a Wednesday and the month we are in has 5 Wednesdays, the 5th Wednesday will be the beginning of the new Term. Lessons are ongoing week after week , with no break in between, aside from the 4 weeks we take as breaks each year.

Q. Do you do make-up lessons?



Q. Do I have to commit to take lessons for a specific length of time?

A. We do not make our students commit to a long-term contract. We want our students to stay at Rock U because they LOVE IT! Love their instructors, their lessons, our culture, our community and our #ROCKUFAMILY. Lessons are ongoing, reoccurring consecutively Term after Term. In the event you would like to discontinue your lessons, we require a Full Term Notice to vacate the lesson schedule. Notice must be given directly to the Rock U Office in person or in writing at Once official notice is given you will remain on the lesson schedule through the current Term, as well as an additional full Term. This means you could have anywhere from 4 to 8 more weeks of lessons after giving notice, as each Term consists of 4 lessons. First and Final Term Tuition is paid upon enrollment.


Q. Can I learn the kind of music I love?

A. That will be our main goal in the lessons! Students will need to learn the basic techniques of playing guitar, but we always try to re-enforce good technique by learning popular songs! We have a very structured and fun curriculum that we teach at Rock University. We have a HUGE library of popular songs. Getting you to the point where you can play the songs you love will depend on YOU! So practice often!

Q. How often do I need to practice?

A. Initially you will need to play at a minimum 20 minutes per day 5 days a week!  If you can do more - DO IT! As your skill level increases you will need to bump it up to at least 30 minutes per day.  Keep in mind that as you get better and start playing songs you love 30 minutes will fly by! You will likely get to a point where practice will not feel like practice at all because you will be having SO MUCH FUN PLAYING!!!

At ROCK U we are committed to providing the best learning experience possible! We LOVE our students and want to make learning an instrument one of the most enjoyable experiences of their lives!  Thank you for your business!

Rock University Student Shows Enthusiasm for his Guitar Lessons
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