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Rock University COVID-19 Update

Dear Rock U Family,

As you may already know, Governor Herbert has announced a closure of all K-12 Utah schools amid the Coronavirus outbreak for two weeks, beginning this Monday, March 16th. Here at Rock University, we are committed to the safety, health, and peace of mind of our students, families, and instructors. In line with this decision, Rock University will be switching from in-person lessons to online video lessons over the duration of this closure. It is important that we continue to provide our students with their regular musical instruction during this time, but we must take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this virus and keep everyone safe. All lessons will continue as regularly scheduled during their usual time slots but will be conducted via Skype on your computer or mobile device instead of in-person

**Please follow the instructions below to download the Skype app on your computer or mobile phone and add your instructor to your Skype contacts. With over 300 students at Rock University, it is imperative that each student completes these steps in Skype so our instructors and staff can more easily coordinate and run these lessons. Any families that have failed to set up their Skype account and add their instructor to their contacts by Monday, March 16th at 10:00 AM will be contacted and instructed to do so.

1. Click this link to download the app:

Download Skype | Free calls | Chat app

2. Once you have downloaded Skype, open the app and type your instructor's email or first and last name in the search bar and click Search Skype. When the contact is displayed, click Add to Contacts, and send a Skype message to your instructor so they can accept the request and easily reach your student for their lesson:

Jared Barney: rockuniversity32@gmail.com      
Kylie Wilder: kylie.wilder@yahoo.com          
Hannah Peterson: nikkitapeta@gmail.com           
Hudson Tanner: hudson.tanner1@gmail.com        
Jordan Saucier: jordan.saucier.music@gmail.com  
Parker Lillywhite: parkerlillywhite@gmail.com  
Sky Nelson: skyfranky@hotmail.com             
Spencer Odom: spenceodom@outlook.com                    
Maddie Woodward: madelynwoodward@comcast.net
Parker Reber: parkerreber@hotmail.com

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. We are attentively following the updates and guidelines laid out by our public health officials, the CDC, and WHO in regards to COVID-19 and will provide you with updates as information is made available. We will re-evaluate this decision at the two week mark and continue to consider the safest options and recommendations from our national and local health departments. This information will additionally be available on our website with any updates as they come. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Best Regards,

Hannah Peterson

Rock University Communications Director

rockuhannah@gmail.com ︳(801) 419-8465

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